Master in Generational Economy and Public Policy (MEGPP) (1st recruitment session)

The Master in Generational Economy and Public Policy (MEGPP) is a joint postgraduate degree programme between the Centre of Excellence for Research in Generational Economy (CREG) and several partner universities and institutions. The MEGPP is a collaborative Master’s degree with certification corresponding to current international standards. This online course is created to prepare for generational renewal by training a cohort of specialists on demo-economic issues in Africa in compliance with the African Union’s roadmap on capturing the Demographic Dividend by 2063.

The main objective of the Master in Generational Economy and Public Policy is to:

  • Build the capacity of young researchers in the early stages of their careers in the Continent, mainly women;
  • Promote the development of in-depth knowledge of economic policy adapted to African realities;
  • Strengthen skills in areas specific to  generational economy;
  • Train professionals in the new paradigms of sustainable development in a world of ongoing changes;
  • Identify and master the quantitative techniques used in the field of economics;
  • Master the basic concepts of communication and advocacy in public policy and programmes.

Fields covered by the MEGPP

  • Generational Economy ;
  • Health economics ;
  • Development economics ;
  • Strategic planning ;
  • Social and Behavioural Change Communication (SBCC) ;
  • Strategic communication.

Targets & organization

The Master’s programme main target are professionals working in ministries and international organisations, as well as researchers at the beginning of their careers who wish to enhance and enrich their skills.

It also targets managers in other fields who are suposed to integrate demographic aspects  in their analysis of economic phenomena.

The online courses are scheduled to start on 15 January 2022. Ultimately, the MEGPP aims, over a 4-year period, to train at least three hundred (300) experts in African countries.

MEGPP opportunities

  • A collaborative degree with various prestigious partner universities and institutions such as: Gaston Berger University, Ibadan University, University of Parakou, University of California at Berkeley, University of Hawaii, African Institute for Economic Development and Planning (IDEP), African Economic Commission (ECA);
  • Academic and professional teachers, African and American and European;
  • Possibility of enrolling for a doctorate.

Admission requirements and prerequisites

This online course is open to candidates with at least a three-year degree and a good knowledge of economic policy, statistics, demography or any other discipline deemed equivalent.

Documents to be provided

  • Admission form (completed and signed) available here
  • Copy of your ID card or Passport
  • Copy of your last diploma
  • Work certificate
  • Letter of support from your company
  • Resume
  • Four (04) photos

The complete application files must be submitted to the Master’s Secretariat from Tuesday 01 June 2021 onwards at 08.00 A.M. or sent to the following email address:

The deadline for submissions is 12 PM on Sunday, October 31st, 2021.

The selection procedure is based on an interview with a selection committee. The date of the interview will be communicated to you as soon as the application deadline has passed.

The final selection will be made after a meeting of the Master’s selection committee. Selected candidates will be officially informed by e-mail. The list of selected candidates will be made public on  CREG website.